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Due to weather – this has been CANCELLED…  



Slimming World Facebook Midlands Meetup


When:  Starting 2pm, Sunday 29th August 2010


Where:  Newbold Comwyn Park - CV32 4EW  (opens in new window) (this is the rough postcode for the Newbold Comwyn Leisure Centre – though you may be put in the vicinity of the local housing estate.  Newbold Comwyn is heavily signposted on that side of town – follow these signs rather then any SatNav – there is only one road in/out of the park (Newbold Terrace East).  Just keep following that road past the houses, past the leisure centre (on right), past the golf course and Newbold Comwyn Arms pub on the left, and beyond – near the end of the road is a barrier (and most times an ice cream van).  Turn left just before the barrier to find the car park.


There are two likely places to find us…


1)      The triangle of grass between the car park and the play ground (behind the ice cream van)



1)      The land at the bottom of the hill next to the car park (entrance between the two halves of the car park (there’s a fire basket/beacon post at the top of the hill – walk through the hedge and look to left and right).



How to identify us – look for the SW magazine (it’ll be an old one though).




After various discussions I mooted the idea of a get together to encourage the various folks from facebook groups to get together and meet face-to-face for the first time. 


This is, the first of hopefully many of these meets.


The general idea is, weather permitting, to meet and have a picnic at a quiet(ish) spot at the end of the park.  Bring your own food/drink as the pub is a little bit away (though that may be the place of refuge if the weather turns nasty).


Any questions – please contact me via Facebook, or my email –