Ian’s Slimming World Journey

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I joined Slimming World in December 2008.

Since then I have kept an occasional journal, done the occasional photograph, had a letter published about Slimming World (though in truth it was the 4 month journal but still it’s been published) and thought I needed to keep these things in some kind of order and have an archive that I can instantly refer people back to if they want to see my particular journey.

I’ll try to keep this archive up to date whenever anything “news-worthy” is written, though please forgive me that not all my Slimming World related news is going to be on here – there’s just too much to keep these pages continually updated, however anything major or important will be put up here on a regular basis.

Hopefully some people will find all these “articles” an inspiration.  Whilst some of these writings will also I hope explain why I can advocate Slimming World so strongly to anyone who will listen at times.

I knew from the outset I had a long journey ahead of me with Slimming World.  I didn’t quite realise how long it was likely to be.  It’s most likely going to take me from December 2008 through to March 2010 to get to where I want to be.  After that – well, I got to get there first now haven’t I? 

There’s basically two sections to this site – there is the chronological blurb of “newsworthy” items below. 

Journal of first 4 Weeks of Slimming World

Journal of first 4 Months of Slimming World

Journal of first 4 months in letter format on Slimming World website

Photo comparison – August ‘08 to May ‘09

Journal at 6 months of Slimming World

One late June Shopping trip

Photo comparison – August ‘08 to August ‘09

Journal of 8Weeks of Slimming World (Or a tale of two weddings) – I was most surprised at this being selected as the “star letter” of the month for September on the Slimming World website.


Journal at 10 months of Slimming World


Photo comparison – August ‘08 to November ’09 (and the night I got my 10stone sticker)

Journal at 12 months of Slimming World

Picture one taken end of January 2010 (11stone 6lb lost at time) – a before/now style comparison

Picture two taken end of January 2010 – a before, between, now comparison

Journal of 14 months of Slimming World

March 2010 comparison picture

Journal of 16 months covering first quarter of 2010

April 1 2010 comparison picture

The article that a local paper ran on me and my weight loss at the start of April 2010

I had been fortunate enough to be invited to the 2010 Slimming World “Greatest Loser” finals as one of the 10 members with the highest weight loss in the country in April.  This is my brief account of what was truly a wonderful day.

A simple before/after picture with photo’s taken from the Greatest Loser day out in London

A collage of pictures showing the entire journey to date

Journal of 18months (and one week) – I call target. – June 14th 2010

A before and now picture (June 14 2010 – Target)

The journey to target.

On July 31st – I did a tandem parachute jump in aid of the NSPCC and to celebrate the weight loss raising over £750 in the process.  A video of this can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2Y-vyqRWwA and pictures at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=58061&id=1650151292&l=a129c0e73b (no need to be a member to see the pictures).  Two days after this – I weighed in at my (then) new target weight.

A copy of the news article that ran in a local paper about the parachute jump

Journal of 20 Months of Slimming World

A general collage of the journey through till the end of September (at my third target weight – just can’t seem to stop loosing weight till then).

Another collage showing the major milestones in the journey

And then – for just wanting to prove that I could – on November 5th 2010, I completed a charity fire walk – 20ft bare foot across burning coals -  in aid of Children Today (opens in a new window).  No, it didn’t hurt, and here is the picture to show me doing it.

I’m now happily maintaining around my latest target having lost 15st7lb to get there.  It’s been a journey and a half, and there’s still so much more out there to do/look at.

24 month Journal of my Slimming World journey.




 This second section is for bits and pieces that are more general thoughts/feelings rather then the journal type entries above.

Why do I keep this journal/website?

Some of my favourite dishes

An Example of what I used to eat on a daily basis

Some thoughts, revelations, etc about my Slimming World journey so far (part I)

If you want to contact me about anything on this site – please feel free to mail me ihutcherson.sworld@googlemail.com